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Mold Removal Tallahassee

Licensed and trained mold remediation specialists in Tallahassee and surrounding areas.

Mold Removal Tallahassee

Hey there my friendly audience! This is our Mold Removal Tallahassee company! We have been around for a long time and love our customers and do all we can to help them! Now let me ask you!

Do you have a mold problem? Do you have allergies when you shouldn’t? Or a constant cold? Have you gotten rid of your mold, but seems to keep appearing back? Well we have answers to every single one of these questions and I am sure answers to questions you have!

We are able to get rid of all and any mold 100% for you! We give free estimates so you know the cost of what you would be paying for and I promise we are affordable! We are a team of professionals that really know what we are doing! We are certified for this reason exactly.

About Mold Removal Tallahassee

We are all about our customers and making them happy and solving their problems. We find it important to make our customers feel as comfortable as possible so they feel welcomed and invited in our arms constantly. If you don’t feel comfortable then you may not ask a question to something you really would like to know the answer to.

Our goal is to leave you happy again and feeling like your home or business is back in order and feel stress free from the minute we get there and the entire time afterwards. If you are still feeling stressed then we have to do what we can to lift it off of your shoulders.

We sit down and write down a game plan special to each and every single one of our customers for this exact reason. We want them to never be left in the unknown and the dark. It is nice for them to be able to have a layout of what is going on and what is going to be happening. That way it may answer some questions they already have. But this way we are communicating and they feel better about trying to communicate with us.

Our service is kept at a high standard. Not only with our employees but also our products and our equipment. We want things in great condition always so our customers get the best constantly.

Why Choose Mold Removal Tallahassee?

Our customers have really loved all of those things that I have mentioned above. They say it feels much more personal to them and their problem isn’t just like everyone else's, so they feel like they aren’t just blending with everyone else as like whatever kind of deal.

They love the positive attitudes our workers give so they feel like they are actually caring and listening to their situation and what is going on for them. We find it key to keep this as personal as possible so they know we aren’t just waving them off at all.

Just some things will be bulleted about things that customers have told us that they love our about company:

  • We have all certified professional employee workers
  • We are an insured company
  • We will let you know if we believe your mold problem is minor enough to take care of on your own, but if you feel uncomfortable we will still get rid of it for you no problem
  • We will give you the Mold Remediation Tallahassee FL system on how to keep the mold away, and if you are unsure how to do it we will take it step by step with you on helping make sure it happens
  • Friendly team for our customer service
  • We are very productive with our work
  • We try to get our customers appointment in within no more than just a couple hours, but the longest they have to ait is the next morning which isn’t bad at all
  • We are open 24/7 for our customers best convenience
  • If you’re not happy we are not happy

Our company has been around for decades! We have been around helping our community for years and years! We are a huge part of the company and have many familiar friendly faces around here. People know that they are always able to count on us.

You can call any day at any time for a free estimate and we can set up an appointment for you in our schedule for whatever works best for you and if you have any other questions we are more than happy to answer them over the phone for you!

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What to Expect from Mold Removal Tallahassee

Our products are very well kept and so is our equipment. We don’t like things getting trashy looking because it's not respectful to our tools, but also doesn’t look good for our company.

We may be an older company, but just because we are older doesn’t mean we look at it. We keep everything up to date so then we are up with the times. We keep in stock some older products in case our customers make requests for it, but we will through and through recommend our new ones because they are new and improved.

Our customers appreciate how thoughtful we are and how hard working we are. We do all we can to get the job done as quick as we can for them, but also done correctly step by step. We double check our work to make sure nothing is missed. We are not ones to cut corners.

When a customer calls for our service we set up their appointment and when our worker arrives at their location they will inspect their problem. They then will inspect all of their location to see if there's any other infestation of mold that they should be aware of.

After that step they will begin the testing to see how much mold they will be looking at to take care and to see what the correct steps are to do for it. Then they will begin the mold clean up which is where they clean the mold so it is completely isolated for the mold removal process so it has nothing to hang on to to live on.

Once the mold is removed the remediation process begins, which is probably the shortest step. For this they will let you, the customer, know how to ventilate, air out, and or bring natural sunlight in to keep the mold from reappearing. You are the final step to make this process 100% effective.

Services Mold Removal Tallahassee Provides

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Mold Inspection Tallahassee

Mold Inspection Tallahassee FL is where they inspect your home or business of mold being possibly anywhere in your surroundings.

When they come for a job that was called for, they do this just to be sure there is none other around that you may be unaware so everything can get targeted and dealt with right away.

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Mold Testing Tallahassee

Mold Testing Tallahassee FL Will determine the mold after the inspection to see how much we are working with and to see how serious the case of mold may be.

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Mold Removal Tallahassee

Mold Removal Tallahassee FL works hand in hand with Mold Clean Up Tallahassee as well.

This is a pair that should never be separated. Before you start the mold removal process you do the cleaning up of the mold so it can be truly isolated all by itself.

Then the removal of mold begins and this is so we can guarantee the mold is 100% gone.

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Mold Remediation Tallahassee

Mold Removal companies in Tallahassee FL sometimes miss the step which is necessary for the client to know about. Mold Remediation Tallahassee FL, is the sweet sweet sweet song that will give you the grace of no more mold!

We will tell you exactly what you need to do to keep it from coming back! Don’t worry it won’t be complicated. It is just learning how to air and ventilate out the area and to let sunlight in.

About Tallahassee FL

Tallahassee is the capital of Florida. There is a museum there that displays political history.

It is known for its center of trade and agriculture. The sales tax rate is 7.5% and the income tax rate is 0.0%. The population is 193,551. The cities that surround

Tallahassee are:

  • Albany, GA
  • Valdosta, GA
  • Thomasville, GA
  • Callaway, FL
  • Moultrie, GA
  • Bainbridge, GA
  • Springfield, FL
  • Cairo, GA
  • And Surrounding Areas...


"I just bought a house to live in and it is a huge fixer upper, but me and my husband were okay with that! We like projects! Then we realized we had a huge project to deal with! We had so much mold in our attic from never being opened to be aired out or anything that is supposed to help prevent mold.

It was so much we had to call the professionals and we were so grateful we knew a great company that could get the job done right. They removed the mold within 4 days and we were able to get everything back in order for a healthy environment! Such a great team!"

- Paige S.

"I just wanted to throw out a huge thank you to Tallahassee Mold Removal! They helped my family and I get rid of mold that was growing in my kids closet. They handled everything in such a kind professional manner and I really appreciated every bit of it!

They did a Tallahassee Mold Remediation thing for us to show us how to keep the mold from coming back! Thanks for the tip!"

- Rebecca L.

"I had just a minor pink mold problem in my shower. I called Mold Removal Tallahassee and they told me how I could do it and what the free estimate would be if I had the professionals do it!

I ended up just doing it by myself and it worked like magic! Thanks for helping a rookie out today to know how to get rid of pink mold!"

- Trevor M.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can pink mold do if you touch it?

It can make you break out in hives and rashes.

What happens if you are exposed to black mold?

People that are sensitive can get very severe respiratory infections, but it can make anyone feel a little sick.

Can mold cause cancer?

Yes mold can cause lung cancer.

What is the best mold remover?

The RMR brands that we have on hand to attack those tough areas are what we use.

How much does mold remediation cost?

It really depends on how much remediation is required. Give us a call for a free instant quote!

Is removing mold dangerous?

Minimal exposure to black mold during the removal process is a concern. Is can lead to health issues for you and your family. This is why it is very important to remove dangerous molds like black mold.

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We are a proud team and a proud company! We love and appreciate all the support we get from our family here in Tallahassee. We do all we can to help you guys out and in turn you help us out! Thanks for sticking with us and we will stick by you and always give you the best work.

Give us a call today to Mold Removal Tallahassee FL for a free estimate and to get an appointment booked to make sure your home is healthy well and safe.

Mold Removal tallahassee

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